About us

E-aktiebok.se is part of the company FinReg Solutions AB, org. no. 556939-3308, based in Vellinge municipality and formed in 2013. The company is run by Mikael Renck, who has worked with small and medium sized companies in the area of accounting and finance since 2008. A significant part of his work consisted of ownership related issues, where the idea was that a large number of these issues and costs for companies could be minimised through greater transparency between companies and owners via a digital solution.

A decisive factor for many companies’ development is whether they manage to obtain adequate financing. In Sweden we have a highly functional capital market for companies that choose to give notice. There are functional stock exchanges and marketplaces designed for different phases of a company’s development. Stock exchanges and marketplaces allow owners to easily buy and sell shares in companies as well as increasing the transparency of the companies. However this capital market is only available for the hundred listed companies found in Sweden. Currently unlisted companies do not have this opportunity to the same extent. With companies’ share registers, eAktiebok has created a custody account solution for unlisted companies in Sweden that works the same way as a custody account for listed shareholdings. In this way, we want to contribute to increasing transparency between owners in unlisted companies and their management and thereby improve the capital market for these companies.

We are driven by innovation and development, so do not hesitate to contact us if there is any service you lack in our system. Please watch out for our news and updates we will continuously launch.

Take the opportunity to try our service free of charge, which you can do without any further obligation. If you are not satisfied with the service after the trial period expires, just let us know so we can delete all your company information.