Personal information

E-aktiebok provides an Internet-based share register solution for their client companies as well as a so-called “custody account” for unlisted shares for these client companies’ shareholders.

All Swedish limited liability companies are legally obliged to ensure that a share register is kept, maintained and kept accessible. Each limited liability company who is a customer of E-aktiebok, according to Chapter 5, Section 4 of the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551), is responsible for the processing of personal information that the handling of the share register entails.

FinReg Solutions AB, org. no. 556939-3308, Norra Vallgatan 64, 211 22 Malmö is responsible for processing personal information pertaining to the custody account for the client company’s shareholders.

The information that E-aktiebok registers to be able to provide the abovementioned services and make them effective is as follows:

  1. Each shareholder’s ID number/organisation number, name and mailing address. If the shareholder has provided additional contact information, such as phone number or e-mail address, this information will also be listed.
  2. If any shareholders have a guardian or trustee this guardian’s contact information is also registered.
  3. Any guardians and their contact information – e.g. if anyone other than the shareholder has the right to dividends.
  4. Any notes that are required by law to also be linked to the shareholding.
  5. The client company’s board of directors and deputy directors as well as their contact information.
  6. The client company’s auditors and, where applicable, deputy auditors and their contact information.
  7. The client company’s administrator’s name, ID number and e-mail address.
  8. Kundbolagets administratörs namn, personnummer och e-postadress.

The registered information will be used to keep and make accessible a share register on the client company’s behalf and to keep and make accessible a custody account for the client company’s shareholders. The information will also be used to generate various reports related to the customer’s ownership and documentation for market and customer analyses, newsletters, business and method development and for statistical and risk management. In the event that a shareholder owns shares in more than one client company the information is used to keep and maintain a consolidated custody account for such shareholders.

Information relating to the share register is submitted to E-aktiebok from each client company. You as a shareholder decide for yourself if you want to provide us with any additional information. The information will only be handled by us at the company.

For more information regarding GDPR, please turn to our privacy policy or our general terms.