Crowdfunding by eAktiebok helps companies raise capital as part of their journey to be listed on a marketplace within 18 months. The companies we help have a high level of innovation that can contribute to development in our society and our goal is to help them more easily reach the capital market in order to continue their growth journey.

The company of the future

The companies that do crowdfunding with us have undergone a careful selection process, where we see that these companies are the stars of the future


The companies and their representatives have been reviewed in a Due Diligence to ensure good quality

Synergy effects

We ensure that the entire issue is carried out correctly and you will be able to see your holding by logging in to eAktiebok



Our exciting growth companies have a clear plan to be listed within 18 months of completing the crowdfunding campaign



Ongoing campaigns

Thornæs Distillery

Thornæs Distillery is a small-scale distillery that excels with innovative products and works to have products that are locally produced from start to finish.

In 2023, they will launch their first Malt Whisky and establish Mad Owl Gin as an obvious brand in Denmark. The company wants to be listed in 2024.


Previous campaigns

Katalysen Ventures AB 

Katalysen Ventures invests expertise in exciting growth companies and thus builds up an interesting portfolio consisting of companies spread across Europe.

Katalysen Ventures AB was formerly Katalysen & Partners AB.

    Shareholders         Goal achieved

        123                            23,5 Mkr

               AgentVegan AB

Stacky’s is a brand under AgentVegan. Stacky’s is smarter food made from swedish ingredients. Completly plant-based and without imitating meat.

A plant-based alternative that is so flexible that it van be easily become part of people’s everyday kitchen.


Shareholders              Goal achieved

61                                4,7 Mkr

                  Webrick A/S

WeBrick is a digital home trading platform that has removed the broker and real estate agency from the selling and buying process.

The purpose of WeBrick is to make it easy and cheap for everyone to buy and sell their homes themwelves through data.

Shareholders            Goal achieved

24                                1,9 MDKK

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Josefine Wahlqvist, Equity Manager