Administrator rights

You can use eAktiebok with several different users at the same time. Contractors can invite external parties, such as accountants, lawyers and law firms if they want to allow access to all information in the company. It is also possible to assign administrator rights so that an external person (or legal entity) can manage all updates.

For those who run an auditing firm, accounting firm or law firm

You can easily manage your clients share register for them via eAktiebok, take full responsibility for keeping the share register updated for your client or just jump in and help when they need it.

eAktiebok is currently used by many law firms and accounting firms who assist their clients with the preparation of share registers and other corporate formalities that eAktiebok supports. Examples of this are automatic generation of settlement notes after a share issue, preparation of the voting list for the Annual General Meeting, development of control information for investor deductions etc.

More and more features have to do with corporate administration ports in the cloud, eAktiebok’s service is just an example of how agencies can further digitalise their offerings.

You get a safe and proven service that is always being developed further.

By hiring eAktiebok you can better estimate the time the various parts of your offerings to customers will take for you and thus reduce the uncertainty of your quotes.

In eAktiebok you can set it so that only you are authorised to make changes in the company’s share register and generate various reports. Of course if your client wants to can give this authorisation to a representative of the company and keep your authorisation or not.

You can have any number of people with authorisation for the same company. You decide.

Are you interested in administrator privileges?

There is of course no cost for administrator privileges in eAktiebok. We apply a completely transparent pricing system, which means that we take a fee of SEK 2,000/year and the company registers their share register with us. There are never any additional fees for the number of transactions or the number of shareholders. And of course it is always free for shareholders in a company registered with eAktiebok to receive a custody account of their unlisted holdings.

Contact us and we will help you get going, either via our form or send an e-mail to info@eaktiebok.se or call 040-797 57