Custody account

A custody account is a securities depository. In the custody accounts offered by the banks, online brokers and stockbrokers, your investments are consolidated in listed shares, funds, index bonds and options. In the custody account you can also trade in listed shares, monitor your investments, see lists of your holdings etc. depending on who your supplier is.

Custody Account with eAktiebok

With E-aktiebok’s custody account there is now also the ability to consolidate and monitor your investments in unlisted companies in a custody account. The principles of eAktiebok’s custody account service are the same as with stockbrokers and banks except that trades cannot be made through the custody account. Having a custody account with eAktiebok is free without any hidden charges.

eAktiebok provides a free custody account of unlisted shareholdings (with company share registers as a basis). The custody account contains information on the companies you invested in and the transactions you made. The information communicated is up to the company, which administrates eAktiebok themselves. eAktiebok provides the opportunity to communicate general corporate information, information on ownership structure, the company’s share register, repository of company documents, etc.

custody account

On eAktiebok.se you get your own custody account where you can view all your holdings in unlisted companies.

In your custody account you will find information about how many shares you own in each company, your share of the capital, your voting rights, CAV rate and acquisition value of your holdings. Of course there is a complete transaction list of all the transactions you have implemented throughout the years. If the company you invested in generates settlement notes through eAktiebok the settlement note is automatically saved in your transaction list.

Custody account and disclosure

There is also a news service available in the system where you can receive news in your custody account from the unlisted companies you have invested in or from other unlisted companies registered with eAktiebok. There is also a forum where you can discuss issues relating to the company’s other shareholders and company representatives in your company without having to worry about unauthorised persons gaining access to the information. You can also discuss general issues regarding unlisted companies with other investors and entrepreneurs on eAktiebok.