Notice for general meetings

Sending notice for general meetings has never been easier.

How do notices for general meetings via eAktiebok work?

In three short steps you can easily compose a proper notice prepared with the formal sections it must contain. In our simple interface first enter/select general information about the general meeting, like the place and time of the meeting, etc. After this eAktiebok creates a draft notice written in both Swedish and English. You can then edit this draft and attach files to the notice such as the agenda and any decision documentation. The third and final step is then to send the notice for the general meeting, which you can choose to do right away or at a later date.

Feedback on sent notices

After you have sent notice of the general meeting, you will of course receive feedback from the system as to whether the notice went out to the respective shareholders or not. You will also receive information on whether the notice has been read by your shareholders or not. Of course you can also send out the notice to people who are not shareholders, but you would like to participate in the meeting.
eAktiebok’s notice generator assumes that your articles of association state that you may call a general meeting via e-mail.

For what and why notice is sent

Each year a limited liability company must hold an annual general meeting to which all your shareholders will be called. The rules for how to give notice for the meeting will differ depending on whether the company is public or private and may also depend on the decisions to be made. How notice must be given is regulated in the company’s articles of association.

If notice does not go out in accordance with the articles of association, the general meeting is not a quorum and a new general meeting must be called for the meeting to be held.

The general meeting is the company’s highest decision-making body. The company’s annual general meeting must be held within six months of the start of the financial year. The annual general meeting must include a number of mandatory points, listed below. In addition to the following matters, other matters must also be discussed as addressed under the law or in the articles of association.

  • Selection of chair at the meeting.
  • Preparation and approval of voting list.
  • Selection of one or two adjusters.
  • Determination of whether the meeting has been duly convened.
  • Approval of the agenda.
  • Presentation of the annual report and when required, the audit report.
  • Decisions on adoption of the income statement and balance sheet disposition regarding the limited liability company’s profit or loss according to the adopted balance sheet discharge of liability for Board members and the CEO.
  • Selection of the Board and as needed, of auditors.
  • Determination of fees to the Board and auditors.

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