Settlement notes

Settlement notes: In eAktiebok you can easily create and distribute settlement notes to subscribers after a share issue.

What is a settlement note

A settlement note is a unique receipt created for each subscriber at a share issue. The settlement note must contain information about who bought the shares, at what price, the date of the transaction and the total amount invested. It must also show information about the company in which the subscriber bought shares.

The settlement note is short and acts as the investor’s receipt for the completed investment in your company.

Advantages of eAktiebok’s solution for settlement notes

Our feature for the generation of settlement notes is one of our most popular features and has been used frequently by our clients.

Producing and distributing settlement notes in eAktiebok is done by three clicks as well as specifying a date.

Simple, clear and clever.

Saves time

Creating settlement notes after a share issue can be time-consuming work. All subscribers must receive a unique settlement note. You must write out however many settlement notes, which must be unique per subscriber and then distribute these to the appropriate subscribers. A job that can take hours, depending on how many subscribers you have acquired.

With eAktiebok every unique settlement note is created in under a minute with a couple short clicks.


When you send out your settlement notes after a share issue, it is important that the right settlement notes reach the right investors. If e-mailed, for example, the proper settlement note must be matched with the right investor’s email address.
Then you must save the settlement note in a secure place, as from experience you will receive questions from your investors where they need a copy. This is something that almost always comes up when it is time to contract for exits, declarations or annual review by the auditor. Regardless of when the questions arrive, you will always have other things to think about at the time

In our solution, information is e-mailed out to subscribers that the settlement notes have been created, while automatically saving them to your shareholders’ portfolios with us. The settlement note is saved there for the future and can be downloaded 24 hours a day by your investors.

Reduce your costs

Often lawyers, accountants or consultants are hired to assist you with your share issue work when it is necessary to produce settlement notes. The work is time-consuming and costly for you.

With our solution you get a predictable amount of required time for processing settlement notes and you can choose to create them yourself or allow a consultant to do the job for you. Regardless of which you choose, the cost of processing will be drastically reduced.

Historical share issues and settlement notes

Of course eAktiebok can also produce settlement notes for previous share issues. After you register the transactions leading up to the current share register in your share register with us, you can easily create settlement notes for all share issues that have occurred over the years. This way all your investors’ documentation is gathered in their custody account for their holdings in your company.

Settlement notes with eAktiebok in practice

The manager of the company’s share register selects from among their reports; settlement notes and can see here a list of all share issues the company has implemented. The share issue for which settlement notes will be created should be selected. After that the subscription price is checked/specified. Following selection of the settlement date for the share issue, the settlement notes must merely be generated.

After this an automatic email goes out to shareholders who subscribed during the share issue stating that their settlement note has been created and is available to download in their portfolio with eAktiebok. The settlement note is then saved in the owners’ transaction list. Of course an automatic news update is created in the system, directed only to the company’s owners.

You can of course create settlement notes for all share issues your company has implemented and registered in the system. Settlement notes are gathered and available on the same day, making it easier for your company’s owners when it is time to declare for example, a sale by the company.

When investing in shares of a company via a legal entity, a settlement note usually forms the basis for bookkeeping that must be done after the investment. The auditor of the company that conducts an investment will usually utilise the settlement note together with an updated share register for the company in which the investment is carried out.