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Aktiebok Online

e-Aktiebok’s online service significantly simplifies administration and registration of share transactions. The service can also easily be used to facilitate any external audits of the company, such as for the auditor’s management review or for Due Diligence by the company. The company’s administrator has the ability to issue a temporary login to the company’s auditors or any investors/buyers.

8 advantages of eAktiebok:

  • Simplifies the administration of the company’s share register
  • Centrally consolidates company information in one place
  • An online interface that can be shared with the company’s owners/investors
  • Temporarily assigned access to the system
  • High availability and security
  • Facilitates the auditor’s review
  • Support for regulatory compliance
  • Simplified communication with owners/investors
  • More advantages to having share registers online

More advantages to having share registers online

The purpose of e-Aktiebok is twofold, first we facilitate regulatory compliance for the company, but we also improve and facilitate communication between the company and its owners. We try to continually develop new solutions to minimise our customer’s needs for specialised assistance regarding issues involving or closely related to ownership in unlisted companies. Examples of this are our automated generation of settlement notes after a new share issue (read more about this here).

For example in order to facilitate the communication between companies and owners we have developed a news service and a forum in eAktiebok. There you can easily and in a legally secure way keep your shareholders informed about how the company’s development is progressing.

With e-Aktiebok’s online service for share register administration, you increase transparency and validation to company owners, while administration is greatly simplified. We will continuously develop the service to further simplify and facilitate entrepreneurship in Sweden.

e-Aktiebok provides an online share register which is available around the clock. Every limited liability company must have a share register which contains a list of all shares and shareholders. The Board of a limited liability company is responsible for keeping a share register. All changes in ownership in a share register must immediately be recorded in the company share register. A share register must be public and accessible. The information provided to e-Aktiebok is only made available to the company, its owners and its other functionaries.