Benefits of eAktiebok for investors

Custody account

eAktiebok provides company share registers as a basis for a free custody account of your unlisted shareholdings. The custody account contains information on the companies you invested in, but also information about the investments you made. In other words, all the information you need to follow your company, but also potentially declare a sale of holdings.

eAktiebok provides the opportunity to communicate general corporate information, information on ownership structure, the company’s share register, repository of company documents, etc.

Information presented in your custody account

In your custody account you see your holdings, but also information such as the number of owned shares, average cost, acquisition value, etc. There is also a transaction list of all the transactions you perform, where settlement notes from the stock issues you participated in are automatically saved, as well as the option to save documentation linked to each transaction. You can of course also adjust your acquisition value directly in your custody account, in case it is inaccurate.

Through the news service available in the system, companies can send out news that only reaches their shareholders or write news that reaches all investors/entrepreneurs in eAktiebok. Of course you can see your news directly in the custody account. The custody account presents news in two separate news feeds, one of news for the companies in which you have ownership interest and one with other news. All of the information your company wants to convey will be presented to you as clearly as possible.

Since our news service is one-way communication, we have also created a forum in the system where you can choose to have discussions that are only visible to your company and its shareholders, or you may of course also create an open thread if you wish.

Using eAktiebok’s system service for share register administration increases transparency between the company and its owners. eAktiebok provides shareholders a common interface that can be shared between owners and companies while simplifying company administration. We will continuously develop the service to further simplify and facilitate entrepreneurship in Sweden.

eAktiebok allows you to easily collect key information on your investments in unlisted companies in a free custody account.

Tip off the companies you are invested in and start to gather information about your unlisted holdings in one place.

Benefits of eAktiebok

  • Cost-free custody account of unlisted holdings
  • Simple, clear picture of your holdings
  • Interface that can be shared with the company
  • Increases the transparency of companies
  • Validation of your investments
  • Provides the chance to obtain interesting investment opportunities
  • High availability and security
  • Collects information from your investments in one place
  • Digital share register is available around the clock
  • News service

Aktiebok Online

eAktiebok provides a digital share register, available around the clock. Every limited liability company must have a share register which contains a list of all shares and shareholders.In eAktiebok you can easily maintain a current and accurate share register.

Furthermore, there is storage space for the company’s central corporate documents which can be shared with ease in a timely fashion with for example, the company’s auditor. There is also a news service through which the company can publish news targeted for just their owners or alternatively all custody account holders at eAktiebok, as well as of course the ability to produce documents such as a list of shareholders, transaction lists, settlement notes, voting list, etc.

The information provided to eAktiebok is only made available to the company, its owners and its other functionaries.