What a great start coming back from the holidays

From Motivactr

What a great start coming back from the holidays,

Our crowdfunding session is – despite the summer heat wave – financed above the first limit. Our schedules are packed with interesting meetings with both potential investors, licens buying companies, organizations and interesting people willing to lend their business minds to assist in bringing Motivactr to the market.  
Our EPO patent will be filed shortly. Making us the first ever patented content aggregating and sorting tool with a unique KPI. We are eagerly anticipating the fist statistics on how much time and money can be saved by making sure meetings and presentations are delivered in a motivating, inspiring and above all activating way.
The brilliant minds programming are addressing the issues of making on-boarding as easy and accessible as possible. Constructing customized templates for the most common traits presenting and meetings.
All in all we are looking forward to the fall of 2018 with a great deal of confidence.

Feel free to chip in and become part of our bid to take presentations and meetings to the next level.

A great big thank you from the entire Motivactr team.


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