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Online share register

Update the share register online and provide all shareholders access to the share listings, their own acquisition value (GAV), an updated share register and a closed forum for ownership issues.

Thousands in savings

Time is money. Do the job yourself, avoid costly consulting fees and save thousands. eAkteibok has a simple logic so that you can register new owners in the share register, handle all transactions between the owners and many other smart company features associated with new share issues and company meetings.

Shareholder forum & news feature

Invite your shareholders and give them the opportunity to talk to you and other owners in a closed shareholder forum and you can send business news to them that only they can read.

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Share register with great business benefits!

Online share register

eAktiebok provides a digital share register, available around the clock. Every limited liability company must have a share register which contains a list of all shares and shareholders. The Board of a limited liability company is responsible for keeping a share register. All changes in ownership in a share register must immediately be recorded in the company share register. The share register must also be public and accessible. The information provided to e-Aktiebok is only made available to the company, its owners and its other functionaries.

Share registers and custody accounts

e-Aktiebok provides a free custody account of unlisted shareholdings (with company share registers as a basis). In the custody account you will find information about the companies you are invested in. The information to be shared is up to each company as they manage e-Aktiebok themselves. e-Aktiebok provides the opportunity to communicate general corporate information, information on ownership structure, the company’s share register, repository of company documents, etc.

25 advantages of e-Aktiebok

Companies and entrepreneurs

  • Simplifies the administration of the share register
  • Do it yourself and save thousands
  • Simple, clear picture of all ownerstically
  • All company information in one place
  • Invite and give shareholders access
  • Notice handling feature for general meetings
  • Send news to your shareholders
  • Discuss with your owners in a closed forum
  • Send news to thousands of potential investors
  • Import feature for many owners saves time
  • Facilitates the auditor’s review
  • Meets all statutory requirements
  • Increases the transparency of your company

Shareholders and investors

  • You get a custody account with holdings in an unlisted company
  • A clear picture of all your holdings
  • Get access to important company documents
  • Have access to an updated share register
  • Get access to the current list of shareholders
  • Contract notes are automatically saved in your custody account
  • Transaction list of all your investments
  • News channel directly from your corporate investments
  • Discuss in a closed forum with other shareholders
  • Get news from other investment opportunities
  • High availability and security

How eAktiebok works

Companies and entrepreneurs

  • Company administrator can easily register the company’s share register
  • Simple interface for implementing owner or company transactions
  • Clear presentation of ownership
  • Storage place for your company documents
  • The ability to temporarily log in e.g. the company’s auditor
  • E-Aktiebok never submits any information about you or your company wihtout your consent
  • Low annual fee

Shareholders and investors

  • Will be automatically invited via e-mail to the company’s share register after the company is registered in their share register.
  • Investors can easily get an overall picture of their holdings in unlisted companies
  • Access to company documents
  • E-Aktiebok never submits any information about you or your company wihtout your consent
  • Free custody account for shareholders/investors

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Our services

E-aktiebok helps unlisted companies with data-based administration of share registers. E-aktiebok’s service for share register management gives companies a private custody account of unlisted holdings. E-aktiebok also provides support for securities transactions, company administration, preparations for the Annual General Meeting and information retrieval. E-aktiebok’s services are built around our platform for administration of share registers and around our expertise in business transactions, corporate law and business administration.

With eAktiebok’s system service for share register administration, you increase transparency and validation to company owners, while administration is greatly simplified. We will continuously develop the service to further simplify and facilitate entrepreneurship in Sweden.