Who we are

eAktiebok.se was founded in 2013 and is part of the company FinReg Solutions AB, corporate identity number 556939-3308, based in Malmö. FinReg delivers SaaS services such as eAktiebok, which is a digital share register, and digital solutions on insider lists for companies and advisors in MCLogg.

FinReg Solutions has been under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority since 2023 and has also been granted permission to conduct crowdfunding. This means that FinReg Solutions is an official and licensed provider of share-based crowdfunding.

Who we are

FinReg Solutions is passionate about growth. It is our greatest ambition and ambition to always build long-term and well-functioning relationships with customers and partners in order to both contribute and create conditions for more people to create growth.

What is particularly distinctive about FinReg Solutions is that our goal is to help and find solutions for companies, whether it is raising capital through crowdfunding or by saving companies time with their administrative tasks so that they can focus on their growth journey.


This means that we are happy to find tailor-made solutions where if we cannot do the work we can connect you with our sister companies that are some of the best in the industry. Together we ensure that our processes from start to finish maintain high quality by offering high expertise in all relevant areas such as marketing, stock exchange and company law, prospectus writing and capitalization and/or listing. The company is run by Mikael Renck, who since 2008 has worked with small and medium-sized companies in the field of economics and finance

Since April 2021, eAktiebok has been part of the Spotlight Group, which is a group consisting of independent businesses with a common purpose – to make it easier for companies to grow.
Spotlight Group intends to continue to be a pioneer in developing tools for listed growth companies and thereby create conditions for increased employment, innovation and competitiveness. Spotlight Group is listed on the stock exchange under the name Spotlight Stock Market and currently has about 165 listed companies with several hundred thousand active investors.


Here you can find legal information about FinReg Solutions and about how we work with customer categorization, conflicts of interest etc. You can also find our general conditions by clicking on the link below.