Investor Pitch

Facilitate your capitalization and let us do some of the work

Raising capital is very time-consuming and requires many presentations to investors that largely yield nothing. Crowdfunding by eAktiebok now wants to facilitate this and offers Investor Pitch as a service for companies that want to raise capital. In Investor Pitch, you as a company only need to pitch the company for Crowdfunding by eAktiebok and provide your pitch deck. We are compiling the material and will gather 25 investors to listen to your case. If there is interest from investors, we will match you for further dialogues.

Benefits of Investor Pitch

Exposure to high-net-worth investors

We have a strong investor network, boosting your chances of attracting financially strong investors for a more rewarding capital injection.

Save time and focus on your business

Free up your time from meeting scheduling and presentations so you can focus on running your business. This can lead to faster growth.

Feedback for pitch deck optimization

Receive valuable feedback from experts and investors to improve your presentation and make it more compelling.

Assistance with subscription form and administration

Get support with the potentially complicated administrative aspect of the capital raise where we help you with the administrative procedure.

Many investors with a wide network of contacts

By attracting multiple investors, you have the opportunity to benefit from their diverse experiences and networks, which can increase your company's prospects for success.

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