New active crowdfunding: WeBrick A/S

WeBrick is a digital home trading platform that has removed the broker and real estate agency from the sales and buying process. The purpose of WeBrick is to make it easy and inexpensive for everyone to buy and sell their homes themselves through data and easy-to-understand digital tools.

Equity crowdfunding through eAktiebok

We at eAktiebok have a long experience to help companies grow in order to be able to take the step further in the development, therefore we have chosen to develop an equity crowdfunding through eAktiebok.

We understand that there is a need and willingness from companies to raise capital and increase ownership spread while investors have increased their interest in investing in start-up projects and companies, where investors can make a good deal in a successful crowdfunding.

We have a complete solution that is unique in our market, where our group can offer knowledgeable
experts in areas such as: law, communication and digital share register. Our business concept is based on helping companies from start to finish in a crowdfunding, where we act as project managers and provide you with subscription page, legal knowledge and a solid marketing plan.

After a successful crowdfunding, we can provide your company with tools that facilitate your share register and management of custody for your investors through the service eAktiebok which is a digital platform for stockbrokers.

We help you take the step towards an IPO!

The Company of the Future

We help the companies of the future to get the vital capital injection needed to move forward in development, when many others say no. Through our solutions, you get capital raising and ownership spread for upcoming events in the companies' development, such as an IPO. Vår platform helps companies to develop and find new investors.


Through our crowdfunding you get help from start to finish. We help you prepare the company legally and with the help of our dedicated marketing team you´ll effectively reach a variety of potential investors and ambassadors for your brand. With the help of our sister company Nordic Issuing, we also handle the entire issuing process and handle all transactions.


For companies that want to use our platform, there is also the possibility to make additions and use the service eAktiebok which is a digital service where companies easily can administer the share register online and have the opportunity to handle communication and other important information to all shareholders. It is also beneficial for investors who can easily see their holdings.


After successful crowdfunding , you have now created good opportunities for making an IPO in the future. Through an IPO, you have the opportunity for your share to be traded on a public market. To succeed in this, there are several criteria where crowdfunding is a good start on the road!


Apart from us managing the entire process of crowdfundning, we also have a great network of investors to whom we reach out with your investment offer.
The investors are already today actively engaged in unlisted companies and as such they have great interest in investing in companies such as yours.

A really successful crowdfunding

Katalysen och Partners

We have recently completed the first crowdfunding with a successful closure. Katalysen & Partners' round ended with a total of SEK 23,547,296, which is an extremely good start. The need for capital for companies is growing at the same time as we have understood that investors have increased their interest in investing in unlisted companies but who in the short future will want to do an IPO.
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