Communication platform

eAktiebok includes a news service and a communication platform for you as an entrepreneur and for your owners.
With the news service, you can easily publish news aimed only at your owners and functionaries, to all thousands of custodian holders on eAktiebok and as a public news item on eAktiebok’s website. You can also discuss with your owners in a closed forum where both you and the shareholders can write and respond without any unauthorized access to your communication.
The communication platform can be used to keep the company’s owners informed about the company’s development. To the news created in the system, you can of course attach files and also choose whether the news in addition to being presented in the system should go away as an email to your owners. If you have uploaded your logo in the system, it will automatically be attached to the news.
In eAktiebok.se there is also a closed forum for all shareholders where everyone can discuss openly and ask any questions they may have. When you have dialogues in the forum, everyone gets the opportunity to get the same information and you avoid taking these via email.
You can also choose whether the news will reach out to all the thousands who have a depot at eAktiebok.se, they today consist of both entrepreneurs and investors.
You can also choose to publish news publicly on eAkteibok.se, then you reach everyone who has a depot on eAktiebok.se and all the thousands who visit the site every month.