Corporate Events

eAktiebok’s digital share register and online service support new share issues, bonus issues, convertibles, subscription commitments, reduction of share capital and other corporate events. eAktiebok makes it easier for the company to administer its corporate events correctly.

New share issue
A rights issue is when a company offers new shares of its shares to the public for purchase. This is a way for the company to raise capital and finance its operations or expansion. The new shares are usually offered at a fixed price and can be purchased by investors through a variety of channels.
Bonus issue

A bonus issue means that funds already in the company are transferred to the share capital. A bonus issue can be carried out either by increasing the company’s number of shares or by increasing the quota value of a share.


A warrant is a right to subscribe for shares in the company in the future against payment. When the conversion into shares takes place, the company’s share capital increases as well as its number of shares.

Reduction of share capital

A reduction means that the company reduces its share capital. The share capital can only be reduced for one of the following three reasons: covering losses, repayment to owners and/or allocation to a free fund.

Other corporate events

Furthermore, a number of other company events may take place that must be registered in the company’s share register. Other corporate events may be, for example, splits, reverse splits, reclassification or the introduction/removal of various take-home bids or reservations.