Sales note

A contract note is a unique receipt that is created for each subscriber in connection with an issue.
The contract note shall contain information on who purchased the shares, at what price, the date of the transaction and the total amount invested. Information about the company in which the subscriber has purchased shares shall also be stated.
Our function around the generation of sales notes is one of our most appreciated functions and has been used frequently by our clients.
Producing and distributing settlement notes in eAktiebok is done by three clicks and that a date is entered.
The person who administers the company’s share register chooses from its reports; settlement note and see a list of all the issues that the company has carried out. Select the issue for which the sales notes are to be created. After that, the subscription price shall be checked/stated. Followed by stating the settlement date for the issue, then just generate the settlement notes.
An automatic email is then sent out to the owners who have subscribed in the issue that their settlement note has been created and is available for download in their share custody account at eAktiebok. The settlement note is then saved in the owners’ transaction list. Of course, an automatic news item is also created in the system aimed only at the company’s owners.