Transaction list

Company-specific transaction list

In eAktiebok there is also a transaction list that is specific to each company that has its share register registered with us. The transaction list contains information about all the transactions that have occurred in the company. Examples of transactions recorded in the share register are new share issues, purchases/sales of shares, splits, bonus issues, reduction of share capital etc.

transaction list

You can see all transactions in the company, first you get an overview and then more detailed information by clicking on the transaction.

The transactions are presented in chronological order in a summary (date, type of transaction, brief description and information about who registered the transaction). You can also get in-depth information on all transactions if you want and then more detailed information is presented about the specific transactions.

Shareholder-specific transaction list

In each custody account in eAktiebok there is also a transaction list where you can view all your transactions in companies with their share register registered with eAktiebok. Naturally only the transactions that the shareholder/custody account holder has participated in are shown in the transaction list. The transactions are presented in chronological order but can of course also be sorted by company and year. In the transaction list there is information about the type of transaction it is, which company the transaction occurred in, the number of shares and, where appropriate, CAV rate and total amount.

If the transaction has to do with a share issue and the company chose to create the settlement notes via eAktiebok, this is also saved here. Of course you can also upload any other documents related to each transaction and thus be able to save all your documentation about investments in unlisted companies in one place.

How does it work?

Both the shareholders’ and the company’s transaction list are automatically updated when a transaction is registered in the company’s share register. Only the company’s administrator can register a share transaction. The transaction lists are updated in real time with no delays and all shareholders always receive the same information simultaneously.

In cases where the company creates settlement notes in eAktiebok an e-mail is also sent to the shareholders who signed and received a settlement note that informs that shareholder that the settlement note has been saved in the custody account.

Consolidate your unlisted holdings in eAktiebok and have all the evidence gathered in one place. This way you are prepared on the day you make your exit and must declare the sale.