Share custody account

A stock custody account is a securities depository.
In the stock depots offered by banks, online brokers and brokers, your investments are collected in listed shares, funds, stock index bonds and options. In the custody account, you can also trade in listed shares, monitor your investments, see a list of your holdings and more depending on which your supplier is.
With eAktiebok’s share custody service, it is now also possible to collect and follow your investments in unlisted companies in a share custody account. The principles of eAktiebok’s custody service are the same as those of online brokers and banks. However, you cannot trade through the depot. Having a custody account at eAktiebok is free of charge with no hidden fees.
In your custody account you will find information about how many shares you own in each company, your share of the capital, your voting share, the Gav price and the acquisition value of your holdings. Of course, there is also a complete transaction list of all the transactions that you have carried out over the years. If the company you have invested in contract notes generates through eAktiebok, your settlement note is automatically saved in your transaction list.